DIA- (Virtual donor pre-screening assistant)

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) based blood donor interactive assistant for virtual screening for Donor Engagement, Donor Screening and Donor Awareness.

First of it kind, it has been innovated with an Objective of Helping Blood Banks and Hospitals increase voluntary blood donor army. Virtually screen Blood Donors and identify their eligibility.

It is Easy and quick to set up and kiosk can be placed at high footfall locations like Lobby, Canteen etc. within Hospitals and other public places like Railway Stations, Airports, Malls etc. for larger audience engagement.

While it can be used in Standalone; when interfaced with Blood Bank Software can give real time results and updates to Blood Banks.

It is available in Audio as well as visual / text mode and has multi-lingual content to ensure that the donor has little or no challenge in interacting.

Donors can check the relevance of certain question during screening to DIA to increase the awareness further.