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Dhealth - Blood Donor engagement

In India, where more than 90% of blood donations are carried out in camps set up by various organizations, it becomes the need of the hour to have a centralized platform for blood donors. Immediate availability of safe blood can be a matter of life and death for patients in need. The biggest challenge in terms of setting up such a repository is donor authentication, identification, and more importantly, donor filtration based on past eligibility records. Effective measures in filtering out ineligible donors can also reduce the risk of HIV transmission due to bad blood transfusion.

Strides Software Solutions, a company focused on blood banking software solutions is on a mission to enable the availability of safe and high quality blood components. After working with various blood banks across India, the company developed the ‘D-health app’ as India’s first Aadhaar-based centralized donor authentication and identification application. Hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform, the application can also perform a centralized blood donor eligibility check across member blood banks. Blood donors can register themselves using a few simple clicks with Aadhaar e-KYC.

Identify Permanently Deferred Blood Donors
Biometric based blood donor identification

The pilot for the project was recently conducted in Solapur district in association with the Indian Red Cross Blood Bank located in Barshi. The short-term results after deployment have been very encouraging as more than 60 blood banks have already registered on Dhealth. Using the Microsoft Azure platform, Strides is looking forward to scale up the reach of the app to build a nationwide centralized blood donor registry and unique donor identification program.

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