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Donating Blood


At Strides, we are a team of dedicated healthtech professionals driven by a passion for transforming the blood transfusion landscape. Our innovative IT and IoT solutions are designed to eliminate errors from the blood transfusion lifecycle and ensure safe, effective, and efficient transfusion services.

Since our active inception in 2015, we have partnered with 350+ hospitals and blood banks across India, facilitating the safe transfusion of 15 million+ blood components and the screening of 9 million+ blood donors.

Our end-to-end vein-to-vein traceability solution offers a comprehensive approach to supporting good transfusion practice at every stage of the blood transfusion cycle. By eliminating cognitive process-based bias errors, we are helping to create a safer and more reliable system for patients and healthcare professionals.

At Strides, we are committed to excellence, compliance, and innovation in all that we do. We understand the critical nature of our products and the impact they can have on people's lives, and we are dedicated to using our skills and knowledge to continually improve the quality of healthcare.

Our commitment to compliance is reflected in our rigorous testing procedures and regular audits to ensure that our products meet or exceed all regulatory requirements.

We believe that working closely with healthcare professionals is not just a business strategy, but a moral imperative. We are committed to empowering healthcare professionals with the tools and resources they need to provide the best possible care for their patients
Our passion for driving positive change in the healthcare industry is what drives us forward and makes us a trusted partner for healthcare providers across India.

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