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Blood Test


Blood Ordering and transfusion safety software

A unique digital platform for online blood ordering and transfusion safety enables real-time communication between hospital and blood banks for Blood ordering, order tracking, Haemovigilance and adverse reaction reporting.

A detailed blood component ordering system with transfusion indication and clinical diagnosis for transfusion points. The platform helps in smart validation and gives automated alerts in case of deviation in blood group or related immuno haematology (antibodies, Phenotyping) parameters.

A Haemovigilance module that ensures the positive patient identification along with documentation of transfusion records to prevent bed side Transfusion errors, the platform also has realtime Adverse reaction reporting utility as per National Haemovigilance guidelines.


Seamless online blood ordering with required patient vitals

Zeroed transcription and interpretation errors

Integration ready with HIS

Automated reports for blood bank & hospital

Complete haemovigilance process


Realtime Multiple Blood order Status tracking

Alert on deviation in BG /Antibodies

Hassel free automated communication

Adverse Reaction Reporting And Workup

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