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Blood Test


BDIRS by Safetrans

Every day, thousands of people donate their blood all over the country still blood is in chronic short supply in India, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), which stipulates that every country needs at least a 1% reserve.

India, with its population of 1.2 billion people, needs 12 million units of blood annually but collects only 9 million - a 25% deficit.

In summer, the shortfall often hits 50%, leading to a spurt in professional donors cashing in on the needs of desperate patients

Biometric Blood Donor Identification and Registration

Also there are challenges in blood donations process like Donor Authentication and Identification, Donor Filtration based on past eligibility records – Making sure that the ineligible donors are filtered prior to donation, Effective donor screening – Making sure that the donors are screened appropriately prior to donation.

Very often we see reactive donors or ineligible donors redonate at blood banks. All the donated blood goes through the testing phase and safe blood is separated. But sometimes unsafe blood also can penetrate this test and reach the patients infecting them. Though this problem may go unnoticed but the consequences are fatal. Also the ineligible donors (who are temporarily deferred due to the less time lag between their earlier donations or because cold flue or other illness symptoms) lead to low quality and reactive blood components.


"NACO reported that 1342 (2018-19) patients got infected with HIV cause of Bad blood transfusion in last 12 months. In spite of the latest testing methodologies leading to lesser window period of these fatal diseases, the problems are still increasing.

Donor identification is one of the most important task which helps eliminate ineligible donors i.e., reactive donors as well as time based ineligible donors.

We wanted to address this concern and eliminate it with effective donor screening through A Biometric and Aadhar based Donor Identification and registration software (BDIRS) helping blood bank identify ineligible donors and prevent them from donating blood.


Biometric Based Donor Identification (Finger Print & Iris Based)

Minimum manual intervention

Data Accuracy

Smart algorithm to identify eligible and ineligible donors

Saves Time


Offline Aadhaar (QR Code) based Registration

Effective & efficient Blood Donor screening process

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