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Automated Compliance Reporting

Blood banking is going through a phase wherein the bench marks have considerably got higher and consistency of operations have become the most important part of blood banking. Blood Banks are going for accreditations which will help them deliver consistently as per bench marks, gain credibility, make them more responsive, transparent and innovative.

While most of the blood banks are near to the benchmarks and deliver consistently, however during the audit and assessment phase come across "NC's" (non compliances). We believe that requirement of NABH accreditations should be part of day to day practices. Even though blood banks practice as per the accreditations, they have to work extensively before the assessments to make sure that the documents are in place and they are not in the non compliance zone. Proper record management and smart interlinking of operations will help blood banks achieve the standards on day to day basis.

With the idea 365 x 24 NABH assessment ready, we at strides have come up with a smart NABH self assessment module which will help blood banks assess themselves for NABH at any given time.

This module extensively covers the sections, sub-sections of NABH for Blood banking, corelates the SOP's, transactions and records and showcases the management on compliance status for each and every section of NABH. Moreover, the best part is one need not work separately for this. Our NABH Self assessment module corelates data from the day to day operations of blood banks, saving lot of preparation time and back office time for getting assessment ready and removing the stress of the assessment day.

Request for a demo now for this module, which have been widely appreciated by our customers.....

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