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Biometric Donor Indentification & Registration

Donor Identification before blood donation is very important especially in country like India wherein 80% of the blood donations are at temporary camp sites.

The idea is to filter reactive donors or non eligible donors based on their previous records. Normally cause of the challenge of IT infrastructure, mainly connectivity, the online donor identification module has not worked at camp sites leading to repeat blood donations by donors who have been found reactive or are not eligible based on their previous blood donation records. The threats are huge, both on technical and commercial front.

To overcome the infrastructure challenge and achieve donor identification at camp site, Strides have launched an offline Donor Identification module. The blood bank team sync portable laptops having the offline module with the Blood bank software getting the latest records. The module is then used onsite, without any connectivity, to identify donors. All the reactive and non eligible donors are filtered at the camp site itself. The module is again synced back with the primary blood bank software for transactional updates.

This module has been really very helpful at large donation sites where the chances of repeat and non eligible donors are very high.

For more information on ON-Site Donor Identification system,Request for a demo now.

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