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Donor Engagement

The hearth of blood banking is the Donor. There is ongoing shortfall in blood components supply with the gap between component requirement and supply going as high as 30%. Blood Banks spend lot of time interacting with social organizations and donors for blood donations. Blood banks create awareness material and try activities for increasing blood donations. However, with the changing scenario and advent of new technologies we feel that the need for Blood Banks is not just blood donations but to REACH out to maximum donors, CONNECT with them and ENGAGE with them on ongoing basis to increase the blood donations and address the ever increasing demand for blood components.

We at Strides have personally spent lot of time at blood donation sites and have a history of blood donations. We have designed a Donor Engagement module with the objective of

  1. Reaching out new donors

  2. Create awareness of blood donation

  3. Build healthy donor community

  4. Engage with the donors on ongoing basis

  5. Reach maximum donors in minimum time during disasters or any other high blood component requirement situation.

The Donor Engagement Module includes

  • Donor CMS

  • Integration with web2.0 -- facebook, twitter, google+

  • Demand Management system

  • Donor Call center system

  • Smart Donor engagement algorithm making sure we are interacting with Donor on ongoing basis

  • Donor Identification module.

  • Donor Loyalty program.

For more information on our Donor Engagement Module, Request for a demo now.

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