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Indepth TM Rule Engine

We at Strides believe that the healthcare industry is versatile and is continuously evolving. To keep pace with the changes and take advantage of the new technologies, ongoing product development is the only way forward.

We study client processes and work for solutions which would address to the challenges and make the operations efficient and effective.

NABH Self assessment Module, module for Offline Donor Identification at camp site, Resource allocation module, smart Automation, Web2.0 integration, Donor Engagement module etc., have been developed as a part of our Ongoing Product Development activity.

Most of the requirements are identified on the field. We spend lot of time at the client places identifying challenges and working on standard solutions and adding the same to our products.

To know more about the current product development modules which we are working on, please write to us on or call us at +91 7719 866 699.

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