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In The Lab

Smart Automation

In today's competitive high volume blood bank industry with stringent compliances and life saving activities, there is no scope for errors. We at Strides realize the importance of automation in addressing the criticality of results and collecting it electronically directly from the equipments. We love to automate data flow with equipments in order to eradicate human errors and increase the reliability of the results apart from improving the efficiency of the processes and overall operations.

Our integration team backed with extensive knowledge and experience in HL7 protocol and laboratory equipments work towards maximum automation in the blood banks.

Our automation includes integration with

  •  Laboratory Equipments

  •  Centralized temperature monitoring system

  •  Wireless temperature data loggers

  •  Weighing scales

  •  Donor Smart cards

  •  Biometric devices

  •  LED TV's

  •  QR Codes and Barcodes

  •  Trigger based automated printing

Incase of Hospitals, we work with the IT team of the hospital to integrate the hospital software with our Blood Bank software.

For more information on automation and possible integration, Request for a demo now.

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